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The EPS 2011 will focus on the brain–mind relationship. Biology and psychology are the two major research directions that resulted in functional concepts of pain. Biology provides understanding of nervous system functions with immense biochemical detail on the encoding of noxious stimuli into nervous messages and their complex processing in the CNS. Analgesic drugs and other pain treatments were developed through a biological approach.

The psychosocial view on pain is based on studying animal behaviour as well as human cognition and emotions related to pain conditions. While valuable disease and treatment concepts emerged from this approach, its anatomical substrate remained hypothetical. Recently, brain imaging provided associations of pain psychology to brain functional networks, and genes were identified that determine animal pain behaviour and human pain traits.


Young scientists at the Ph.D. or postdoctoral levels in all fields of pain science and pain medicine are encouraged to apply.


  1. Catastrophizing thoughts that amplify pain
  2. Rewarding pain - or rewarding the relief of pain?
  3. Risk factors for progressive chronicity of pain
  4. Genetic and epigenetic controls of pain
  5. Sex hormones and pain sensitivity
  6. Phantom pain and mirror therapy
  7. Situational, cognitive and emotional control of pain relevant neurotransmitters
  8. Individual differences in pain sensation and chronicity: genes or experience?
  9. Can pain memory be modified or extinguished by drugs or relearning?
  10. The Placebo effect: a principle to increase the efficiency of treating pain?
  11. Dopaminergic reward system and placebo analgesia
  12. Is there “fetal programming” in the developing pain system?
  13. Plasticity of ionic channels and inhibitory synapses determining pain levels
  14. Transporter molecules in the neuropsychiatry of pain
  15. Pain in disorders of consciousness


Anna Maria Aloisi, Siena, Italy
Fabrizio Benedetti, Turin, Italy
Catherine Bushnell, Montreal, Canada
Giancarlo Carli, Siena, Italy
Marshall Devor, Jerusalem, Israel
Luis Garcia-Larrea, Lyon, France
Eija Kalso, Helsinki, Finland
Deolinda Lima, Porto, Portugal
Jeffrey Mogil, Montreal, Canada
Janos Szolcsanyi, Pécs, Hungary
Manfred Zimmermann, Heidelberg, Germany


Anna Maria Aloisi MD, Ph.D.
Pain and Stress Neurophysiology Lab.
Dept of Physiology, University of Siena
Via Aldo Moro, 2
53100 Siena - Italy
email EPS.2011@EuropeanPainSchool.eu



Important dates

  • Applications open
    28 December 2010
  • Notification of selections
    28 March 2011



  • Applications
    4 March 2011
  • Attendance confirmation
    4 April 2011
  • Payment
    30 April 2011


School Board

Anna Maria Aloisi
Giancarlo Carli
Marshall Devor
Manfred Zimmermann





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