Registration is limited to 30 participants. Young scientists at the Ph.D. or postdoctoral levels in all fields of pain science and pain medicine are encouraged to apply.

The registration fee is 500 EUR (VAT included) and covers the school fee as well as full board and lodging. The registration fee for students who are formally registered as IASP members at the time of payment is 460 EUR (VAT included).

Accepted scholars will receive detailed information about the payment through their personal myEPS2015 page (available as soon as applications open).

Activities of/for Scholars

Virtually unlimited opportunities to interact with Faculty. Faculty members reside full time at the Certosa di Pontignano and are available to Scholars in class, at meals and during free time

Submission of an Abstract by each Scholar on his/her pain work

Oral presentation by Scholar (10 + 5 Min)

Constructive critical discussion of Scholars' presentations by Faculty and Scholars

Structured interactive events offered by the School include:

Exclusive access to focus articles of Faculty via the School's website

Participation in chairing of scientific sessions and discussions

Free internet access via the Siena University server from all rooms of the venue


The European Pain School is conducted at the Certosa of Pontignano, a well maintained historical complex that was formerly a medieval Carthusian monastery, that now serves as a Conference Center of the University of Siena. The Certosa is located in the Tuscany wine country with few urban distractions.

The teaching area comprises 3 lecture and seminar rooms with full audiovisual equipment, 3 rooms for small group activities and one computer room connected to the Computer Center of the University of Siena and equipped with 6 PCs and printers, available full time to Scholars. All rooms of the Certosa complex provide free internet access via WLAN/Wi-Fi.

Accommodation is provided for all Scholars in double rooms of modern standard within the Certosa (single rooms for Faculty). The on-site restaurant offers typical Italian food and beverages, including local wine. Vegetarian meals are available.

Weather is usually warm in June and thus lunches and dinners are normally served outside, in the covered part of the smaller of two cloisters. Scholars and Faculty are seated in "mixed order" at round tables which facilitates conversation.

Due to the accommodation of all participants in the Certosa, Faculty and Scholars will spend many hours each day together. This creates an atmosphere of convivial and intensive communication both during the scheduled School activities and outside of them.

Morning exercise is offered daily in the large cloisters, led by an MD experienced in health sports. Walking and running on quiet small country roads and trails around the Certosa is another option for outdoor sports.

A scheduled opportunity is offered to Scholars to visit the nearby city of Siena, including guided tours to sites of historic and cultural interest.



9 December 2014


22 February 2015

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Notification of selection

23 March 2015


Deadline for attendance confirmation

1 April 2015


Deadline for payment

30 April 2015

School Board

Anna Maria Aloisi
Giancarlo Carli
Marshall Devor
Jordi Serra
Manfred Zimmermann